About the Patient Participation Group




The Surgery’s Patients Participation Group is a well established group where patients, members of the medical staff and the Practice Manager are able to meet  three to four times a year to discuss matters relating to the surgery.

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The aims of the Group are:

  • To improve communication between the Practice and the Patients.
  • To exchange information and ideas.
  • To discuss recent or future developments which involve the practice and its patients.
  • To consider patients concerns, comments or suggestions about the quality of the service provided and what improvements can be made.

All patients of the Practice are eligible to join the Patient Participation Group, so if you are enthusiastic about the surgery and have a few hours to spare each quarter please think about becoming a member of your PPG.

If you wish to become a member, contact our Practice Manager who can provide you with further information about membership.


Virtual Patient Group

If you are unable to come to our meetings why not be part of our virtual Patient Group? From time to time we may need some patient input on certain issues. At these times we will e-mail our patient group for comments, suggestions or to do a questionnaire. If you would like to register as a Virtual patient group member please give your name and e-mail address to our Practice Manager.