Travel Clinic

With effect from April 2019 we will no longer be providing travel advice or travel vaccines. These are, however, readily available in Travel Clinics London-wide.

Anti-malarial medications which cannot be bought over the counter can be provided via a private prescription from our practice. There is a fee for the prescription and a fee payable at the pharmacy for the actual tablets.

For those patients requiring Meningitis ACWY for the Hajj or Umrah, there is a fee for the private prescription, admin and certificate that is payable to the practice. the actual vaccine is obtained from the pharmacy and carries a separate fee.


ADULT/CHILD HEP B VACCINE ( per vaccine of which there are 3 ): £35



Useful External Websites

It would help us greatly if you had some awareness of the travel problems that you may be at risk from on your trip before you come for your appointment.

Please look at the following website, to read the information for the county you are visiting

Visit Fitfortravel to find out more information about countries and vaccinations required.


Other useful websites to look at are: